Places to Visit in Limousin

Limousin is the most beautiful place in France that gives one a beautiful and most relaxing feeling during their holidays. It has got lush forests and green rolling hills that attracts tourists with picturesque villages and medieval castles. It is the best place for sports enthusiasts’ and nature lovers. In Limousin, opportunities like fishing, boating, and hiking are majorly available.


It has got traditional festivals, art exhibitions as well as rich culture especially in food as they have authentic chicken lo mein recipe . in restaurants around. The following are some of the places to visit while in Limousin.


Aubusson and the Creuse valley.

This place has got surprisingly artistic discoveries and has once won UNESCO heritage cultural due to its traditional tapestry which was used in decorating the French castles as well as the intricately patterned carpets. Visitors always visit their workshops in this place where there are weavers, and this art generally involves contemporary works and pastoral scenes.




.This town is so pretty in Limousin since it has beautiful buildings, historic values and also the serene setting. The city has got architectural treasurers which are used to preserve the town hence has got more buildings of the sort. It is on a rocky river, and this makes the scene outstanding and also the magical appearance as well as the medieval towers which makes it have musical landscape hence viewed from far. Uzerche is also a political center with old vaulted noteworthy and pathways.




This is the Limousins’ capital city known as the city of history and art. The city has got the Gothic building and the monument called Cathedrale Saint-Etienne. Behind it is the Bishops’ garden and towards the East is the bridge of Pont Saint-Etienne. Limoges museum has got glasswares, pottery, and Porcelain.


Abbatiale Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul, Solignac.


This site is essential and also the oldest and just close to Limoges city. It has got some sanctuary features that were inspiring and some stained glass columns as well as a window which has some more decorative information like palm leaves, snakes and also the Griffins.


Chateau de Val.


The Chateau de Val has got the picturesque lakeside setting as well as the turreted towers which makes it a good fairy tale castle. It has been a great place especially to noteworthy owners who consider it home. It is an excellent place to live since it has exquisitely furnished using the period pieces. Here there is also a historical monument called Saint Blaise Chapel castle which leads to great attraction due to its pleasant space. The place is quiet with a good nature under some lime trees, near old stables or by a fountain.


Chateau de Rochechouart.


This place is situated in an idyllic location on the rocky ground around Limousin outskirts. The castle that overlooks the vayres, as well as grain valleys, also lies ina nature park around its regions. It has decorative elements which give a move to renaissance architecture and also defensive elements that are medieval architecture. The castle has displayed some deer hunting scenes and also mural paintings.




When visiting Limousin, we have seen that it has got many places where one can tour too, and they are more attractive with very many sites and architectures that are so interesting. We have also seen that Limousin has got so many places and this gives one the freedom to move anywhere of the places available to enjoy the vacations.